– Expo.02

Internet project and exhibition for the Swiss National Exhibition Expo.02.

Period of time: 1999 - 2002
Belleville: Idea, conception of the overall project, Design and realization Internet, Creative direction of period 1, Conception of the exhibition pavilion, Realization and operation of the Fotobots Project-team: Martin Roth, Andreas Kohli, Andreas Hofer, Felix Schaad, Susanne Hofer Credits: Iogram, Nuncomh - Programming, In&Work, In&Out - Platform operation, Glöggler & Prevosti - Architecture, 3-Deluxe & MESO - Exhibition concept and realization
projects: research/culture/education, web-en
clients: Credit Suisse, Credit Suisse, Expo.02, Expo.02, SUN Microsystem, SUN Microsystem, Sunrise, Sunrise