rainbowNOTION – Fotobot Voting Tool in South Africa

The project was based on an invitation of the Swiss cultural organization Pro Helvetia to realize a new media artwork in the public space of South Africa.

The device that we were using is called Fotobot. Two Fotobots are working basically as a ‘voting-booth’. Passer-bys can vote with their own face at either a ‘YES-Fotobot’ or a ‘NO-Fotobot’. Specific questions related to each city will be asked to the public (the questions changed weekly). They voted by making a self portrait with “YES” or “NO”.

Their “vote” was their portrait. All the portraits could be viewed and commented on the Internet.

Period of time: 2006 – 2007
In cooperation with Martin Roth.  
projects: research/culture/education
clients: Pro Helvetia, Swiss Re